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Independence, Access to Global Markets, Transparency in Investing, Multiple Asset Classes & Instrument Types, End-to-end Platform, Leadership Expertise

Our Services

Viking Harbour stands out through our dedication to delivering personalized index portfolios with customizable options at your convenience.

Whether you opt for complete index replication or prefer a more selective approach to index tracking, our platform accommodates your distinct investment preferences.

Furthermore, we provide opportunities to enhance tax efficiency through sophisticated strategies like tax-loss harvesting, long-term capital gains management, and capital gains tax deferral.

Our Advantage

Viking Harbour, operating independently from major banks or institutions, is uniquely powered by C8 technology, offering transparent weights and customized portfolio strategies. Unlike competitors with incomplete solutions, we provide comprehensive services, including robo-advisory and portfolio creation.

Our distinct competitive advantage lies in accessing European and Chinese markets, expanding appeal to U.S. prospects. In affiliation with C8 Technologies, we offer diverse investment options, from traditional ETFs and Bonds to innovative offerings.

Led by a senior leadership team with extensive industry knowledge, Viking Harbour addresses FinTech challenges, establishing credibility in a sector often lacking substantial industry experience.


Access to Global Markets

Multiple Asset Classes & Instrument Types

Leadership Expertise

Our Story

Viking Harbour Investment Solutions Limited, a sister company of C8 Technologies, operates as a registered investment adviser under the Securities and Exchange Commission and is a Private Company Limited by Shares (LTD) based in Ireland. Founded in 2017 by Mattias Eriksson and Ebrahim Kasenally, former partners and senior executives at BlueCrest Capital Management, C8 Technologies brings together extensive expertise in investment research, trading, and technology.
C8 Technologies, headquartered in London, has developed a sophisticated global platform that grants clients access to a marketplace featuring a diverse range of strategies. Clients can directly trade underlying assets through their brokers via this platform. Embedded within this platform are proprietary C8 quantitative strategies honed over two decades of research and experience. These strategies serve as invaluable tools for investors and asset managers seeking to optimize their investment decisions and bolster portfolio performance.
Through its close association with C8 Technologies, Viking Harbour offers asset management services to third-party investment advisers. These advisers, in turn, extend these services to their clients. Viking Harbour also engages in model provider agreements with registered investment advisers and broker-dealers, furnishing them with model portfolios and regular updates. These services are typically delivered through third-party investment advisers either on a sub-advised basis or through consulting arrangements.
Mattias Eriksson
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Unique track in automating and scaling huge trading operations, 0-$15b over 7 years.

C8 Technologies, Founder & CEO 2017 – present​

Viking Harbour Investment Solutions 2023 – present​

C8 Investments, Founding Partner 2011-2017

BlueCrest Capital Management, Partner & Head of Systematic Implementation 2003-2010

HSBC, Deutsche Bank: 1998-2003

Ericsson, Financial Software and VR 1993-1998

Dr. Ebrahim Kasenally
Founder & Chief Research Officer
Unique track in research and model development in a variety of asset classes.

C8 Technologies, Founder & Chief Research Officer​

C8 Investments, Head of Research 2012-2017​

BlueCrest Capital Management, Partner & Senior Researcher 2002-2012​

Bank of America, HSBC & ADM Investors 1994-2002​

Liquid Alternative Investments and C8 Funds

Dive beyond conventional investment boundaries with Liquid Alternative Investments and Onshore Funds, powered by C8. Access a diverse array of assets, from commodities to advanced trading strategies, crafting a resilient portfolio.

Confidently navigate market volatility with C8’s Onshore Funds and their expertly crafted trading strategies. The synergy of C8 and Viking Harbour’s Liquid Alternative Investments combines cutting- edge financial instruments, providing a strategic mix of traditional and alternative assets for a balanced investment approach.

Whether seeking enhanced returns, reduced correlation to traditional markets, or sophisticated risk management, C8/Viking Harbour’s offerings can be customized to align with your unique investment objectives.

Risk Management Excellence

Diversification Beyond Conventions

Innovative Investment Solutions

Tailored For Your Goals

Model Portfolio & Optimization

Leverage C8’s Tactical Asset Allocation Optimizer through our affiliation to dynamically steer allocations over time, adapting to market conditions with sophisticated algorithms for proactive asset allocation.

Benefit from the combined expertise of C8 Technologies and Viking Harbour with pre-built models tailored to diverse investment objectives, serving as a foundation for constructing a personalized portfolio aligned with your risk appetite.

Empowered by C8 Technologies, our platform offers a myriad of investment instruments, seamlessly integrating with your existing portfolio for unparalleled flexibility. Harness the power of C8 through Viking Harbour to create optimized, aligned investment models, utilizing advanced algorithms to enhance performance and manage risk seamlessly.

Pre-Built Models From C8

Open Architecture Flexibility

Tactical Asset Allocation Optimization

C8 Technology Integration

Direct Indexing Solutions

Unlock precision and customization with Viking Harbour’s cutting-edge Direct Indexing platform, powered by C8 Technologies.

Tailored for discerning investors seeking a personalized approach to portfolio management, our innovative solution allows you to directly own and supervise individual stocks within an index, providing unparalleled control over your investment strategy .

Customized Portfolios

Innovative Technology

Tax Efficiency

Tailored Investment Strategies

Tax Loss Harvesting

Viking Harbour, through its Strategic Partner relationships can unlock the potential for financial resilience and optimize your investment strategy with Tax Loss Harvesting.

This proactive approach allows investors to strategically offset capital gains by selling underperforming investments, thereby minimizing tax liabilities. By capitalizing on market fluctuations, Tax Loss Harvesting not only helps preserve capital but also enhances after-tax returns.

This sophisticated technique empowers investors to navigate market volatility intelligently, turning temporary losses into valuable tax advantages. Experience the dual benefits of portfolio rebalancing and tax optimization, ensuring your financial goals stay on track while maximizing tax efficiency .

Minimize Tax Liabilities

Portfolio Rebalancing

Capitalizing On Market Volatility

Enhanced After-Tax Returns

Continuous Tax Efficiency

Portfolio Construction

The power of diversification.​

Assessing and designing an investment portfolio in an uncertain world requires a resilient and well thought out approach. Diversification benefits are enhanced if the portfolio builder can harness high performing portfolio constituents.

A common portfolio objective is to receive market-like returns but with less systematic risk. In our interactive analysis we show the risk metrics associated with portfolio allocations of increasing sophistication.

Explore the impact of our systematic portfolio construction process or read the short whitepaper.

We have chosen a US Balanced Equity and Bond index as the benchmark for simplicity and clarity. The choice of benchmark can be very important and the most appropriate benchmark is frequently unique to a client. A full allocation to equities is likely to be incompatible with a well-balanced portfolio so be mindful of volatility and drawdowns when comparing the risk metrics below.

Portfolio Performance -
Benchmark Allocation
Realised Volatility 8.85
Downside Volatility 6.27
Max Drawdown -20.28
Winning Months 68.57
Sharpe Ratio 0.76
Sortino Ratio 1.07
Calmar Ratio 0.33
Sample Asset Mix Table
Equities Fixed Income Alternatives


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Equity Index Tracking

FX Hedging Active or Passive

Portfolio Simulation

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Strategic Partners



For Financial Institution Use Only – Not for Distribution to Individual Investors

Model Portfolio Disclosure of Website Portfolios (“Portfolio Construction Demonstration Portfolios”).

Viking Harbour (“VH”) is an SEC registered investment adviser who offers one or more model portfolio strategies to its financial services firm clients. Registration with the SEC does not imply a certain level of skill or expertise. VH offers, among other portfolio strategies, the Website Portfolios which are “Naïve Diversification”, “Classical 60 / 40”, “Equal Weight” and “Systematic Risk Optimisation”. The model portfolios illustrated in this website are hypothetical. The model is managed based upon the output from mathematical algorithms. Model performance and related risk metrics are not derived from live trades and are not influenced by emotional or subjective reactions to extraneous market, economic, political and other factors. The risk of back-tested hypothetical performance is that an algorithm can be revised or adjusted to obtain favorable performance results during the relevant historical time periods. There is no assurance that back-tested results could, or would, have simulated actual client performance during the relevant time periods. The strategy underlying the back-tested results may be changed at any time with the benefit of hindsight in order to obtain and show more favorable performance results.

The “Naïve Diversification” is constructed using a fixed allocation algorithm assigning equal weights to four liquid US equity index ETFs.

The “Classical 60 / 40” is constructed using a fixed allocation algorithm assigning weights of 60% to a US Equity ETF and 40% to a US Bond ETF.

The “Equal Weight” is constructed using a fixed allocation algorithm assigning equal weights to seven ETFs across US Equity, Bond, Currency and Precious Metals.

The “Systematic Risk Optimisation” is constructed using a fully systematic portfolio optimisation toolkit, with an objective function designed to work with the risk contributions of each component. It is constructed with time varying weights rebalancing every 13 months. It allows the same asset mix as “Equal Weight” portfolio, above, but is not constrained to allocate to all assets.

The performance returns and risk metrics illustrated do not represent actual client accounts and do not incorporate cash inflows or outflows and are gross of the highest VH management fee and trading costs which is negotiable. Bear in mind returns will be further reduced by the amount of the client facing adviser’s management fee. Returns reflect since inception, one, five, ten‐year, and inception to date periods and are reflected in U.S. dollars and assume that dividends are reinvested. Model returns are calculated by using daily returns of the underlying securities using data sourced from independent third parties. All securities within the model portfolio are weighted in variable proportions based on purely algorithmic processes. The weights may vary with time. Some weighting algorithms are simplistic and are equivalent to equally weighting the underlying securities. For comparison purposes the model portfolios used in the demonstrations are compared against the "S&P Balanced Equity and Bond - Moderate Index", details of which are available on their website.

While VH believes the Website Portfolios' historical returns may be representative of future returns, future returns may be materially different for clients depending on a variety of factors including the prevailing market, economy, tax and political environment, cash flows and the timing of such cash flows, VH’s expectations, forecasts, and related factors. During the historical period, inflation, interest rates, and equity returns may be materially different relative to VH’s future expectations of performance.

The strategies employed in managing this and other model portfolios involve algorithmic techniques such as trend analysis, relative strength, moving averages, various momentum and related strategies. There is no assurance that these strategies and techniques will yield positive outcomes or prevent losses. The performance for such model(s) is derived from a 3rd party portfolio performance provider utilizing a variety of technical trading strategies and techniques. Technical trading models are mathematically driven based upon historical data and trends of domestic and foreign market trading activity, including various industry and sector trading statistics within such markets. Technical trading models utilize mathematical algorithms to attempt to identify when markets are likely to increase or decrease and identify appropriate entry and exit points. The primary risk of technical trading models is that historical trends and past performance cannot predict future trends and there is no assurance that the mathematical algorithms employed are designed properly, new data is accurately incorporated, or the software can accurately predict future market, industry and sector performance.

This information is intended to provide an overview of the model portfolios and the presented hypothetical performance history and related risk metrics are not intended to replicate the actual performance of the model portfolios. Rather the information is intended to provide a general framework to understand the concept, strategy and allocation structure employed by VH in managing the model portfolios.

An investor’s personal goals, risk tolerance, income needs, portfolio size, asset allocation and securities preferences, income tax and estate planning strategy should be reviewed before committing to a specific investment program. Please consult with your financial advisor to discuss the appropriateness of any particular strategy prior to investing.

All investments involve risk. Principal is subject to loss and actual returns may be negative. Returns are not guaranteed in any way and may vary widely from year to year. Returns will be lower by the amount of the client facing adviser’s fees.